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Websites for All Devices

Websites for Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone and Tablets We help businesses and individuals connect to their customers and audiences in profitable ways through their websites. Our expertise is focused on:

  • Design
  • Copywriting
  • Content
  • Media
  • SEO

We deliver meaningful and measurable results even if you are completely technology-phobic! We keep things SIMPLE! Download and read a case study of our work on the Africa Research Institute Website here: ARI Case Study

Have a look at these websites we made:

Next time you want to update your website or connect with your audience remember the 3 GOLDEN RULES:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Reach people on the devices they have in their hands
  3. The real value is in the customer list

Ten years ago there were reasons to use advanced and complicated technology but today – no way!

Capture your audience and keep them engaged with regular communication.

Reach out to the audience where they are active, then make a meaningful connection…

Jonathan Bhalla Research Manager at Africa Research Institute,

“Amazing knowledge and practical skills. They make it easy to understand. Bellyfeel keep it simple and always deliver what they say they will.”
Jonathan Bhalla – Research Manager at Africa Research Institute, Client for 7 years