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Lee Robinson

Hi, I’m Lee.

I’m an Interactive Producer at Bellyfeel.

Lee Robinson - Bellyfeel (via Westeros)

While my job allows me to develop interactive media across multiple digital formats, platforms and devices, there is one thing that remains a constant with me – the need to create and deliver the most compelling media possible.

Whether I’m working on a multi-platform story, developing innovative media for smartphones or working on huge European funded interactive learning tools – my personal aim is simple, to constantly seek (and push) the limits of my creative mind and develop digital interactive experiences unlike any other.

Something that sticks in audience’s mind – and more importantly something they can SHARE with their friends.

Coming from a background of traditional filmmaking and media production (studying the art of media, writing and production at university) it quickly dawned on me that the traditional film and media industry was lacking “something”… I just didn’t know what it was.

The answer came to me and while walking around an art gallery – I saw a big sign that read “PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE ART”.

And it hit me – I was sick of not being able to “touch the art”

The missing component to all my work was interactivity.

And so the obsession began, initially with Transmedia storytelling. I gained a 1st Class Degree at University and had my dissertation on Transmedia adapted into a published essay in the Journal of Media Practise.

Now I was finally free to explore a whole new dimension to storytelling – and what better place to take my ideas, than to Bellyfeel?

What started as writing and producing multi-platform stories slowly bled into Social TV, the Internet of Things, Smartphone Stories and beyond!