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Krishna Stott

My name is Krish

Krishna Stott Digital, Multiplatform, Interactive Expert

I am a Digital, Multiplatform & Interactive expert. Over the last 15 years I have project managed, produced, directed and consulted across many high profile and award winning digital productions.

I have managed production teams of 50+, development teams of up to 20 and have been responsible for commissioning sub-contractors/agencies on budgets up to £150k. I have excellent editorial and people skills and have been a trusted pair of hands for many clients and companies as they search out new audiences and business on new devices and platforms.

I currently run Bellyfeel, a company based in Manchester dedicated to helping organisations reach bigger audiences by pushing the boundaries of user experience and storytelling across all devices and media platforms.

My work and I have been featured in the following places:

Logos of companies that featured Bellyfeel Media: Manchester Evening News, BBC, The Guardian, METRO, Broadcast, Manchester Confidential, Digital Arts, etc.

I recently published my first book – Set the Storyworld to Random – a non fiction how-to manual for reaching modern audiences across multiple devices and platforms.

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